Corporate Access

Countries and markets across the world are becoming increasingly interconnected. With new markets emerging as major players on the global stage, people and organizations in these regions are seeking new opportunities to pursue their business, investment and wealth aspirations. At RIRC, we are committed to helping you participate in these developments, connecting you to exciting prospects for growing your assets, personal wealth and corporate interest

Our dedicated Corporate Access team harness the market expertise within RIRC, working with research and investment banking teams to ensure our clients can achieve the maximum value in minimum time from attending  the events. The team can conduct shareholder analysis and recommend schedules, provide in-depth intelligence on prospective investors and be on-site during events to ensure smooth logistics. We also conduct ongoing dialogue with the corporate investor relations (IR) officer on shareholders, market trends, market perceptions and potential IR opportunities.

RIRC works in partnership with companies to develop and implement all aspects of the investor relations process. RIRC extensive IR and management contacts facilitate communication with current and potential investors based in Mumbai and Gurgoan, our experienced and dedicated team uses its long-standing and trusted relationships with key institutions to optimise interest in company’s stock, ensuring that management time is used expediently. In turn, RIRC reputation as an IR partner enables us to provide outstanding corporate access to the institutional investor.

CORPORATE ACCESS : Features and Benefits to FIIs and MFs
  • Access to small and mid-cap companies that have limited or no sell-side analyst coverage
  • Organization and scheduling of one-on-one meetings with senior management of small and mid-cap companies
  • Customized non-deal road shows, small group meetings and issuer site visits
  • Focuses on corporate issuers with limited sell-side coverage within the small- and mid-cap space
  • Consistently provides more than 200 meetings annually between portfolio managers and senior executives of publicly traded companies
  • Facilitate meetings tailored by sector

For investors, direct access to corporate management can lead to valuable investment insight. For corporates, direct access to investors offers the best opportunity to tell their story.

Corporate Access offers solutions that bring investors and management teams together to improve information flow, strengthen mutual understanding, and cultivate lasting relationships.

Corporate Access Opportunities :
  • Non-Deal Roadshows
  • Specialty Group Meetings
  • Sector-Focused Conferences
  • Site Visits & Facility Tours
  • Virtual Meetings & Conference Calls
Corporate Access Offerings:
  1. Specialized Treatment: Every Corporate Client has a dedicated Corporate Access Specialist with a deep understanding of the client's industry, market environment, and investors. Our Specialists can utilize the global resources of RIRC to connect companies with investors in the Americas, Europe, Asia, or the Middle East.
  2. Innovative Solutions: Global Corporate Access delivers the perfect forum for investors and management to share their viewpoints.
    • Non-Deal Roadshows are a convenient, efficient way to give corporate management teams access to key investors in a targeted geographic region.
    • Corporate Access Days allow management teams to address the top issues facing their respective industries in a small meeting format.
    • Field Trips bring investors to corporate facilities.
    • Bespoke Marketing offers investors a series of meetings with targeted corporate management teams.
  3. World Class Execution: RIRC takes companies on the road across Asia, Australia, Europe and the US. We tailor itineraries to ensure meetings are held with the institutions that will help build the investor profile of your company effectively and efficiently. We work with companies over the long term to ensure a strategic and focused relationship. A dedicated team of experienced in-house logistics professionals here to support you at every stage.
  4. 360 degree solution : Working in close partnership with International and Indian brokerage houses and their sales teams, we offer help in everything from initial idea generation to programme and logistical arrangements, as well as post-event feedback.
  5. Excellent content & research : We deliver compelling content in an original format to ensure our clients receive maximum exposure to the region's corporate leaders.
  6. Strong Platform: Asia’s CEOs and CIOs understand the value of RIRC's vast network of clients across Asia, Europe and the US. We provide an excellent platform from which to pitch corporate strategy and promote a company's investment potential to global investors looking for new growth opportunities. RIRC sector-specific access days provide a highly efficient and effective way for CEOs, CFOs and IR teams to meet global investors. Themed access days are held regularly in Asia, Europe and the US and bring multiple corporations face-to-face with investors to discuss industry trends and changes.
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