Crisis Management & Litigation Support

Responding to crisis situations, when reputations, sales, profits, investor confidence and even the continued existence of an organization are on the line, demands the highest level of leadership, communications and logistical skills.

  • Business continuity planning
  • Crisis communications planning
  • Crisis media relations
  • Reputation rehabilitation
  • Simulation exercises
  • Media relations
  • 24x7 crisis handling

Corporations are vulnerable to a crisis which can hurt its business, damage consumers, investors and employee’s confidence and in the worst cases, even threaten the very existence of the company. The actions of a modern-day corporation are also subject to intense scrutiny from a variety of interest groups and the media. Corporate crisis can be precipitated by a variety of situations including product defects or contamination as the recent cases in India involving mineral water, cola and chocolates brands have amply demonstrated. These crises have had crippling effects on brand reputations and consumer confidence.

Crises can also result from disputes in industrial relations, accidents, takeover bids, boardroom battles and family separations, litigation, government investigations or force majeure disasters. The best strategy is to be prepared for potential crisis situations. We work with our clients to assess their vulnerability to different kinds of crises, and their readiness to deal with the crisis. We assist in creating crisis communication plans and procedures, and create a crisis team to direct emergency response. We also provide crisis communications training for identified client executives using crisis simulation techniques.

Such preparedness can strengthen a company's defenses and minimise the damage when a crisis does actually occur. At Research media, we also advise on and implement monitoring mechanisms that provide clients with early warning with regard to specific issues with crisis potential. These programs can help a company pre-empt or diffuse crisis issues before they escalate.

Litigation Support

Companies involved in litigation and investigations by government and regulatory bodies face special communication challenges. The development of messages and their delivery require skilled and experienced professionals. The communications are often constrained by legal considerations which require complex decision-making processes.

At Research media, we understand the needs of the companies facing such situations. We have extensive experience in counseling organizations facing litigation and enquiries on a variety of issues. The firm has counseled clients on media and investor relations, employee communications and community relations during periods of litigation. The firm has the expertise in developing communications, training spokespersons as well as managing the information needs of both the media and the markets.