Corporate Access

Financial communications is one of the core competencies of RIRC. We have wide experience of managing on-going financial communications and investor relations for a number of leading corporate, both Indian and multinational, as well as financial institutions. Similarly, the firm has managed communications for a large number of transactions during the last few years.

Information Services

We have a sophisticated capability to monitor, capture and deliver media reports of interest to the clients. Depending on the requirements, we track company, competition and industry-related news from over 15 key cities around the country. Wherever necessary, we also track foreign media that our clients are interested in.

This service includes an archival / retrieval facility whereby dated news can be accessed by using search criteria like date, publication, city of publication or by the journalist. It also has a keyword search functionality. The news reports covering some 200 publications from 15 cities are delivered to clients, typically by 11 AM each fortnight.