Media Relations

Research Media ( subsidiary of RIRC ) has built one of the industry’s most powerful media relations capabilities. Research Media is well-regarded for the quality of our relationships with the world’s most influential journalists / editors, who have come to know Research Media as a source of both intellectual and breadth strength and a deep understanding of the needs of journalists. The activities under Media relations services include :

  • Financial and business media
  • Trade media programs
  • Broadcast placement
  • Market commentary
  • Executive visibility
  • Consumer/lifestyle media
  • Regional media programs
  • Films and media publicity / PAGE 3 coverage
  • Media monitoring and intelligence gathering
  • Online media programs

Our Services to private companies / government bodies / FIs / MNCs includes :

  • Effective media relations with REAL Deliveries
  • Pre-issue corporate advertising and statutory communications
  • Event management, crisis management and litigation support

Effective media relations are vital to the success of any corporation’s overall communications strategy. A sound media relations programmer can deliver huge benefits to a corporation.

At Research Media, we place huge emphasis on deploying superior media relations skills for our clients. We specialize in developing strategic media relations programs that effectively deliver the client’s key messages through relevant media to their target audiences. In each significant market of India, our consultants maintain close relationships with regional, national and the relevant international media to maximize communication opportunities for our clients.

PR’s robust financial services practice is rooted in multiple competencies.

  • Firstly, our expertise and experience. Almost all our consultants are drawn from the sector or from the financial media. They bring to the table an understanding of the complexities of this business, combined with the communications skills and relationships to deliver strategic programs.
  • Secondly, we are able to offer a national footprint in terms of media outreach programs. This is especially useful for banking and financial services firms which are looking at Tier-II, Tier-III and rural markets for sustained growth. Additionally, this capability comes in useful in managing crisis situations at the local level, before they escalate to a regional or national level.
  • Thirdly, since we have such a large body of work, we enjoy the trust and credibility with media and other influencers, which is a critical factor in delivering successful PR programs.

We have successfully targeted and delivered value in the mainstream business media. The vast reach and impact of this category of media dramatically enhances the effectiveness of our PR programs.

The Indian media is highly complex, and fragmented. As an organization, our critical strength is the understanding of these complexities and the credibility we enjoy with the media. Our credibility comes from the large body of work that we do, across sectors, and the informed manner in which we serve the needs of the media.Whether the engagement is for a long term program for retainer clients or a short term transaction assignment or a crisis situation, our experience and relationships with the media provide our clients with the best possible results.

In large measure, our media relations strength comes from the background of most of our senior consultants. Our senior team is drawn from reputed media houses, and media categories, who bring to the table extensive knowledge of their disciplines. As a result, our PR program are both rigorous and relevant, ensuring a high degree of success