Corporates spend crores of rupees on sponsorships to promote their products. Sometimes a relatively small outlay can have a tremendous impact on non-customer audiences such as government, regulators, opinion-makers and consumer groups and NGOs in many areas. Research media helps clients develop sponsorship programs and support social causes which can enhance their reputation and influence with these groups

Event Management : Right from sowing the concept till the event goes live, we take complete responsibility of planning, logistics, production, guest / speaker coordination, PR mileage etc.

Though we handle a plethora of event services, we are efficient and believe in delivering quality. Right from square 1 of planning we are on a roll till we are ‘home’ successfully. Besides the usual services, we offer our clients various Value Added Services to complete the service circle. Our strong networking skills and contacts give us a cutting edge especially when it comes to roping in and handling speakers/guests for our projects